Different Types Of Shades

There some people who look at a vehicle and say, “Hey, look at beautiful car” and then there is another group of people that says, “Hey, look at that 2015 version of the Ferrari 458.” I think I have made point across very clearly. Just like the above two group there are people look at the shades people wear. This for those who don’t look at a shade and know what brand or type of shade it is. Here they are.

Aviator – The Aviator is one of the famous types of shades. It normally has a smoked lens and some are reflective. This type was used to be worn by pilots back in the day but today almost everyone wears it due the look and feel it gives to the person wearing it.

Cat Eye – This is designed such that is shaped in a way that is similar to the cat’s eye. You will be able to notice the upward bend at both the edges of the frames. This quite a retro design which was used back in the 50s but some people still wear this. This is quite famous with mostly the ladies.

Sports Wear – Sports shades are worn to help not only to look good but protect eyes from the sunlight, wind and dust when playing sports. Why sunlight? Well the glare is harmful to your eyes. Bifocal safety glasses exist for bicycle riders and now we have polarized bifocal glasses in the market.

Round glasses – These are the glasses with round glasses. You would have seen famous celebrities used round glassed shades such the famous John Lennon. The frames comes in different types as well – it can be thick, thin, wide etc. This is good for the music lovers.

Retro Square – This is my always go to type of glasses. It’s designed in the classic retro square shape that suits everyone including both boys and girls alike. It comes in various types of frames, thick or thin there is always a pair that will suit any type of face.

Nerd Glasses – This is not really a type shade but a lot of people tend to wear plain glasses to look like a nerd. It suits and compliments some people while others they just look plain stupid.

When you are choosing a pair always remember that it is not always the style of the glasses that you should worry about but if that type of glass suits your face. We all come in different sizes and shapes and the glasses that you buy for yourself must compliment yourself and enhance your own look.